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What is Scent Throw?

In reference to candles, there is cold and hot scent throw. When a candle is cold (unlit), the fragrance that emits from the wax is called cold throw. A lot of candles smell good cold but when you light them, they hardly release any fragrance. Conversely, hot throw is how a candle fills an average size room when it has been lit long enough for the melt pool to reach the diameter of the container. At Blue Flame we base what fragrances we make on their hot throw performance, and use a scale from 1-5. We don't make anything under a 3. You'll find a fragrances scent throw number under every candle description.


Scent Throw Scale:

1- I can't smell anything.

2- I can smell the fragrance...barely.

3- Fills the room in a delicate way, not overwhelming. Can be placed in a smaller area to achieve a stronger effect.

4- Fills the room with fragrance. Perfect for creating an atmoshere where fragrance really sets the mood.

5- For true fragrance lovers that want an intense experience, or for very large rooms with high ceilings.


Everyone has a sense of smell that is unique. A strong scent to one person, may be soft to someone else. The above chart is based on our personal experience, as well as the feedback we've received from our customers.


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